Victorian Carousel Hire

Otherwise known as Galloping Horses or Merry Go Rounds

Victorian Carousel Hire from Old Tyme Fairgrounds

Circa 1920 of English Origin

This specific Victorian carousel was built by Savage of Kings Lynn, a well known manufacturer of Galloping Horses. They are frequently known throughout the UK as carousels or merry go rounds.

The Carousel has retained its popularity since the end of the 19th century. The Victorian carousel is suitable for all age groups and provide fun for all the family, they also create high visual impact at all events they attend.

Despite the fact that there is an extensive range of rides available today, The Galloping Horses will always be a firm favourite for fairgrounds, it is easy to say that you will never see a vintage fairground that doesn’t have a Victorian Carousel attraction.

Here at Old Tyme Funfairs we were delighted to announce the addition of the Victorian carousel to our collection in 2005, completing our Traditional Victorian fairground.

  • Footprint: 13.5m dia.
  • Transport: 1 x Eight wheel rigid lorry
  • Supply: Silent running generator fully contained on ride

The merry go round is suitable for all ages and we are proud to state that here at Old Tyme Funfairs, we are the sole suppliers of this unit. If you happen to be looking for a Victorian carousel hire anywhere in the UK then make sure you get in touch with us as we are the industry leaders and we can provide our vintage funfair for any event, from a village fete to a corporate event.