Classic Side Stalls

At every traditional fairground or funfair you will find the ever popular side stalls that keep people busy in between rides. These side stalls incorporate a variety of different games and activities which generally lead to some form of prize. Side Stalls like, coconut shies, hoopla stalls, darts challenges, shooting galleries, basketball skills, strength tests, fishing games, archery, froggit and ball in a bucket, are all extremely popular and are used regularly by us and other fairground owners around the country.

Traditional Classic Side Stalls from Old Tyme Funfairs

We have a range of side stalls that uphold the traditional aspect of your funfair. With fairground classics such as hook a duck, no matter the event you will be giving everybody a fantastic funfair experience with not just Traditional Fairground Rides but also Traditional Fairground Side Stalls that are available for hire throughout the UK with Old Tyme Funfairs.

In high season side stalls are only provided along with large rides.

Traditional Classic Side Stalls

As you can see, we use the most popular ride's as part of our general setup. Old Tyme Funfairs pride ourselves on our fairground service and will always try our best to meet your requirements in terms of what you need from us.