Traditional Fairground Rides

We provide various traditional fairground rides and stall services throughout the UK. Click the pictures below for full details of each or watch our video where some of our rides are in action.

From the ultimate antique Helter Skelter to children’s rides and sideshows we have everything to cater for everyone.

Galloping Horses

Galloping Horses

Helter Skelter for Hire

Helter Skelter

Chairs O Planes


Ferris Wheels

Ferris Wheels

Childrens Rides

Children’s Rides

Side Stall Services

Side Stalls

The rides you can see above have been extemely popular for not only decades, but centuries too. With traditional designs, patterns, styling and overall functioning, the popular rides we own, and run, are based on rides you would have first seen in the early 20th century and based on swings and roundabouts which were introduced during the 19th century. Old Tyme's traditional fairground rides are all kept in immaculate condition and serviced regularly to ensure they pass the most up to date health and safety inspections. Every summer our rides are popularly used for various events around the country including The Surrey County Show and The Royal Windsor Horse Show, to name a couple.