Vintage Helter Skelter

Vintage Helter Skelter Ride from Old Tyme Fairgrounds

Circa 1900 Of English Origin

The traditional helter skelter was built, along with four others in the early 1900s by Griffiths and Morgan of Shepherds Bush, London. Old Tyme Funfairs offer Traditional Helter Skelter hire throughout the entire UK.

The vintage helter skelter travelled widely during the pre and post war years making an appearance at many historic fairs. Purchased by Entertainment of Yesteryear in 1978, it has since landmarked many Agricultural and County Shows and became the starting point for Entertainment of Yesteryears Old Tyme Fair. It is the only complete wooden example still on tour, ornately decorated in a traditional style and we are proud to offer this unique ride for your event. If you feel your event would benefit from vintage Helter Skelter hire then get in touch with Old Tyme Funfairs to see how we can help transform your event.

  • Height: 15m Footprint: 9.5m dia.
  • Transport: 1 x Eight wheel rigid lorry
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • We are the sole suppliers of this unit

Our Traditional Helter Skelter Claims to Fame

Our Vintage Helter Skelter has recently
appeared on ITV’s Downton Abbey. Our traditional helter skelter was also used in Waddingtons jigsaw