Traditional Ferris Wheel

Traditional Ferris Wheel Hire within the UK from Old Tyme Fairgrounds

Circa 1940 of American Origin

The traditional Ferris Wheel was built by American manufacturers Eli Bridge, and imported into Britain in 1944. And Traditional Ferris Wheel hire is now available in the UK from Old Tyme Funfairs.

No Old Tyme fair would have been complete without a Ferris Wheel and they were enjoyed by young and old alike. The ride was operated by various owners, primarily in the south, until 2000, when it became part of Entertainment of Yesteryears Victorian Fairground, proving to be a very popular addition to our expanding range of Traditional Fairground Rides. It was completely refurbished to a traditional style in 2003. We are proud to offer this stunning example of an old tyme favourite.

  • Footprint: 10m frontage x 13m depth
  • Operating Circle: 15m
  • Transport: 1 x 13m articulated trailer with unit
  • Power Supply: Silent running generator fully contained on ride

As with all of our traditional fairground rides we tailor the fairground to your requirements. The traditional Ferris wheel is one of our most popular attractions for not only fetes, carnivals and festivals but corporate events also. For traditional Ferris wheel hire in the UK you have come to the right place.