Flying Chairs-O-Planes

Otherwise known as Swinging Chairs

Flying Chair-O-Planes from Old Tyme Funfairs

Circa 1920 of German Origin

Chair-O-Planes otherwise known as swinging chairs first became popular on British Fairgrounds in the 1920s. Flying Chair-O-Planes were exported from Germany up to and during the Second World War. They became the thrill ride of their time, and to this day they remain popular with people of all ages. There are very few original examples still remaining, as many were destroyed during the war.

The Chair-O-Planes have been travelling as part of Entertainment of Yesteryear's Old Tyme Fairground since the early 1980's, here at Old Tyme Funfair we are proud to offer this rare example of a superb old tyme ride for your event.

Entertainment of Yesteryear were delighted to add the Chair-O-Planes to their collection in 2005, completing their Old Tyme Fairground.

The Flying Chairs O Planes Dimensions and Operating Requirements

  • Footprint: Base 8m dia.
  • Operating Circle: 14m dia.
  • Transport: 14m dia.
  • Power Supply: Generator contained in transport lorry

The Flying Chairs O Planes are suitable for ages 6 and up. Should you be looking for something to bring your fair to life then our swinging chairs are sure to be a focal point of any even they attend. We are the sole suppliers of this unit in the UK.